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Leading Ponies information for parents 

Thank you for choosing FFRS for your lessons. The following information is to help keep you and the ponies safe whilst you assist your child/or another rider in their beginner lessons and to and from the stables. 
 Please ensure you have sturdy shoes which cover your toes – please feel free to borrow some of our boots. Please wear clean gloves.  
 When leading the pony, put the end of the rope in your left hand and put your right hand on the rope about 30cms from the horse’s head. Normally you lead whilst standing on the left-hand side of your horse (the near side). However in lessons, you lead on the side of the pony that is away from the wall. If you have to lead from the pony’s right-hand side, reverse the instructions with your hands that are above. 
 If you need to turn, then turn gently moving the pony away from you, rather than pulling towards you, this will help you not to get your feet trodden on. In a lesson if your child is turning the pony in the direction of the side you are standing on, then move a little way from the pony so that they can practice their turn and you can keep your feet safe. 
 To stop the pony, pull the rope and using a low tone of voice saying ‘Woah’ or ‘Halt’. 
 Never wrap the lead rope around your hand. 
 Keep level with the horse’s shoulders as per the picture below. If you get behind this area you might risk getting kicked. 
 If you need to swop side to lead during a lesson, gently pull the pony to a halt (stop). Walk around the head of the pony and position yourself on the other side, swopping the lead rein over as detailed above. 
 If you need to remove a coat or jumper, do not tie around your waist but please ask the instructor to put it out of the way for the lesson duration. 
 Do not mount any riders in the arena until the girth has been checked by the instructor or a member of staff. 
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