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Class 1 
1st Tommy Browning – Miss Independence 
2nd Maisie Cock - Stan 
3rd Paloma O’Connor - Sparky 
4th Maisie Cock - Tinkerbell 
5th Katy Payne - Hatty 
6th Gemma Ruthland – Sweep 
Highest placed Riding School – Grace Hill & FFRS Henry 
Class 2 
1st Paloma O’Connor - Sparky 
2nd Anna Burley - Valerie 
3rd Harry Gibson - Thistle 
4th Grace Hill – FFRS Ronnie 
5th Ruby Hull - Mannie 
6th Henry Rutland - Sweep 
Highest placed Riding School – Grace Hill & FFRS Henry 
Class 3 
1st Paeton Furneax - Poppy 
2nd Harry Gibson - Thistle 
3rd Charlie Ruthland - Easter 
4th Erin Heap - Queenie 
5th Jasmine McCillan - Tilly 
6th Shannon Laughton – Lilly 
Highest placed Riding School – Lacey Firth & FFRS Ronnie 
Class 4 
1st Megan Biggs - Pumpkin 
2nd Emily Constable - Reggie 
3rd Paeton Furneax - Poppy 
4th Shannon Laughton – Lilly 
5th Maisie Bond – Crystal 
6th Mabel Pulfrey - Maxi 
Class 5 
1st Laura Thompson – Boots 
2nd Emily Constable - Reggie 
3rd Todd Grimshaw – FFRS Drummer 
4th Olivia White – Paddy 
5th Grace Bibby - Bollie 
6th Aaron Vickery – Colour Me Reuben 
Highest placed Riding School – Todd Grimshaw & FFRS Drummer 
Class 6 
1st Olivia White – Paddy 
2nd Laura Thompson – Boots 
3rd Polly Sullivan – Colour Me Rueben 
4th Eleanor Deal - Dove 
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