2018 in full flow at Fletchers Farm  

The riding school is already busy in 2018 with lessons and courses allong with some new activities. Tuesday Dressage Divas is proving popular giving clients an chance to practice various dressage tests. Lots of fun is had in Ceciles' Club on Saturdays where kids are learning through mounted games and the Essential Horse Knowledge Course has also started which is always fun and informative. Pony Practice sessions, on Thurs evenings, gives clients a great opportunity to practice or development new skills in some mounted and stable management areas. Dont miss out! See calender and ask in the office for more details. Happy January!  

The Pony Clubs Christmas Trip 

The Pony Club had fun at jump street for their christmas outing. Hope you all had fun this year and we are looking forward to Pony Club starting again next March.  

The staffs Christmas Meal 

The staff got to let their hair down and enjoy a horsey free evening! Merry christmas everyone and thanks for all your fantastic work this year.  

Fletchers Farm in the Snow! 

All the horses enjoyed the snow! All wrapped up - snug as bugs in rugs!  

Well done Fletchers Farm Pony Club with your exams! 

D test 
Nina Loftus on Dougal 
Sara Peniket on Toby 
Jessica Moore on Drummer 
Faith Day on Johnie 
D+ Test 
Hannah Spicer on Drummer 
Tavy Soar on Dougal 
Kiera Payne on Blue Chip 
Emily Reeve on Daisy 
Grace Hill on Ronnie 
Gold 3 
Olivia Milton on Blue Chip 
Ellie Locke on Ronnie 
Platinum 2 
Anna Hill on Daisy 

Halloween Themed Fun on the Pony Day 

Everyone enjoyed a fun and exciting Halloween based pony day with rug designing and games.  

Good Bye Helen 

Everyone at Fletchers Farm wishes Helen good luck as she pursues her Stage 4 training. Thank you for all your hard work and support in your time here. 

The Pony Club Members Pass the Ride and Road Test  

Well done to Olivia Milton, Ellie Lock and Elizabeth Dyer for passing their Ride and Road Test, good luck to all the Pony Club members taking thier exams soon. 

The Pony Club Trip 

The Pony Club enjoyed an interesting trip to Paton and Lees vets. Thank you Ben for an inspiring talk and visit. 

Well Done the Dressage Champions  

Thank you to everyone who has supported the dressage shows this year either competing or volunteering. Congratulations to our points championship winners, sponsored by Broomfields Equestrian & Country Store and Emily Bradshaw Eventing: 
Junior winner - Victoria Stratford, reserve - Keira Payne 
Senior winner - Adele Warnes, reserve - Ellie Cox 
Picture of the Novice winner and reserve winner Ellie Cox and Junior points winner and reserve champion, Victoria Stratford & Kiera Payne 

Macmillian Worlds Biggest Coffee Morning at Fletchers Farm  

On Saturday 30th Sept, the riding school (including liveries) is doing a cake and coffee morning for the Macmillan Worlds Biggest coffee morning (I know we are a day later!). Please keep the morning free and pop in for cake/ coffee and a social. 

Good Bye Chips  

Wishing Chips a happy retirement in his new home with Katie, knowing he will be well loved and pampered!! 

Feeding Facts  

A big thank you Laura at Baileys Horse Feeds for an interesting session for our Adult Own a Horse day on the digestive system and feeding. Our model Toby looks thrilled?! 

Summer Activities and Competitions at Fletchers Farm Riding School 

Lots of children enjoyed Pamper and Take Away Tuesday, where the ponys got lots of attention with plats, ribbon and glitter and after the kids enjoyed a happy meal. Also well done to our winners of the dressage. Intro B - Chloe Riddleston on Monty Don, Prelim 2 - Adele Warnes on Bushfield Lucky Boy and Ali Black and Joey who won both the Prelim 14 and Novice 27. Adele and Ali pictured below. Next dressage 2nd September.  

Jamie and Jimmy come to the farm! 

The staff and clients enjoyed celeb spotting as Jamie Oliver and Jimmy Doherty came to the yard to film Jamie and Jimmys Friday Night Feast, to be aired in December 2017.  

Lots of fun in the first week of the summer holidays  

Fletchers Farm Riding School and all the members are enjoying a action packed week of pony days, family rides, lessons and the pony club competition day 

The summer holidays are here!!  

Enjoy a summer of fun, sun and horses!!  
If you are looking for fun activities, group or private lessons, hacks, clinics, pony days or training courses, we can offer you something whatever your experience. Have a look at the calendar for all the summer activities as well as the usual lessons and hacks. see calendar... 

Fletchers Farm RDA group are in the gazette! 

FOR children who are wheelchair-bound, riding a horse seems near to impossible. At the Colchester Garrison Riding for the Disabled Club, the instructors will not rest until they make miracles happen. The group, which was formed from cash generated at a coffee morning, is celebrating 30 years of changing children’s lives. Carol Hipkin, head instructor, had never worked with disabled children until she joined the club when it first started. “A group of friends wanted to start a club in Colchester as they had been doing it abroad,” she said. “They invited me along to a coffee morning to explain the idea and I thought it was lovely. “They said they needed an instructor and it went quiet and everyone looked at me. I explained I had never worked with disabled people before but I was willing to do it. “I signed up for five years and I’m still there - it’s my passion.” 
Formerly known as the Colchester Garrison Saddle Club, the group had three ponies and three disabled riders. The stables were closed at the garrison in 2005 and the club moved to the nearby Fletchers Farm. The farmer had come to the group’s aid as he was looking to change from cattle and pigs to livery. The garrison is no longer associated with the club and it has been renamed the Fletchers Farm Riding School. 
Now two groups of four children from Lexden Springs School for special educational needs take part in regular lessons. The instructors deal with everyone from children with autism, to wheelchair users, to arthritic children and those with behavioural problems. All are aged between four and 13. 
Mrs Hipkin said: “They learn new skills - for people with autism, who do not like change, it’s hard for them to come into a building they have never been in before and they have never been near a horse. “They gain social skills, eye contact, balance, and co-ordination. For wheelchair users they have ended up walking or sitting up unaided because they get the use of muscles in their legs. I always get tearful when we achieve goals.” 
Everyone was apprehensive when the group first started as teaching disabled children was a new challenge. Mrs Hipkin was the only instructor at the stables for 20 years, but she now has two others helping her. She said: “I was in charge of caring for the ponies and the children, and the ponies have to be trained. It’s a lot for them to take on board. “But the helpers here are so lovely, they provide so much TLC. One woman brings her horse all the way from West Mersea to help out.” Although she has been in the job for 30 years, the volunteer still finds seeing the changes in the children overwhelming. 

Novice Show Jumping Results - 25th June 2017  

Well done everyone who was placed in our SJ. The top three in each class were as follows: 
Class 1 
1st Isabelle Raven - Flora 
2nd Megan Cox - Lucky 
3rd Aimee Farey - Charlie 
Class 2 
1st Megan Cox- Lucky 
2nd Isabelle Raven - Sammy 
3rd Ellie May - FFRS Blaze 
Class 3 
1st Megan Cox - Lucky 
2nd Lucy Archer - Nemo 
3rd Wendy Smith - Chico 
Class 4 
1st Lauren Dunn - Spirit 
2nd Martha Mitchell – FFRS Ronnie 
3rd Polly Sullivan - FFRS Drummer 
Class 5 
1st Megan Cox - Bambi 
2nd Sarah Cavill - Colour me Rueben 
3rd Jemma Daniels - Hero 
Class 6 
1st Megan Cox - Bambi 
2nd Jemma Daniels - Hero  

June 24th Novice SJ show  

Come and enjoy a fun day at our novice show jumping show. This show is for everyone - first timers or speed merchants! There will also be a BBQ available with hot and cold drinks. Dogs welcomes but must be kept on leads at all time.  
Starts 09:30hrs 
Clear round 09.30-10.00am – Cross poles at a height of 20cm approximately 
Class 1 10-00am Tiny cross poles – Middle of the fence 20cm or below. One round against the clock. Riders on/off the lead rein. 
Class 2 Cross poles 45cm (1ft.6in approx) – One round against the clock. Riders on/ off the lead rein. 
Class 3 45-50cm (1ft.6in-1ft.9 approx) – Two Phase 
Class 4 60cm (2ft approx) – Two phase 
Class 5 70cm (2ft.3in approx) – Two phase 
Class 6 75-85cm (2ft.6-2ft9in approx) – Two phase 

Summer Half Term  

Fletchers Farm Riding School enjoyed a busy half term with lot of fun activities along with pony club, clinics and the dressage show. Also well done to all the members that got their ABRS rosette awards.  

June Dressage Results  

Class 1: Intro C (Seniors)    
1st Jessica Lappage – Rosebran Jim 
2nd Linda Dixon - Wellington 
3rd Bev Cooper - Riley 
4th Jessica Firth - Modigliana 
5th Caroline Crowe - Oliver 
6th Helen Hill – Bob the Cob 
Class 1: Intro C (Juniors) 
1st Rachel Allen - Squires Rio De Janeiro  
2nd Victoria Stratford – FFRS Jonnie 
3rd Ellie Lock – FFRS Ronnie 
4th Emily Reeve – FFRS Toby 
5th Emily Waylen - Arthur 
6th Grace Hill – Alfred the Great 
Class 2: Prelim 7  1st Lisa Green – Tough Customer 
2nd Adele Warnes – Bushfield Lucky Boy 
3rd Jessica Lappage – Rosebran Jim 
4th Rachel Allen - Squires Rio De Janeiro 
5th Zoe Meek – Kent Well Paigale 
6th Sam MacDonald – FFRS Daisy 
Class 3: Prelim 18 
1st Lisa Green – Tough Customer 
2nd Pernille Petersen – Charlie 
3rd Adele Warnes – Bushfield Lucky Boy 
4th Zoe Meek – Kent Well Paigale 

Half Term Calender  

For a fun filled half term have a look at our calendar - we have Sj clinics, dressage shows, own a pony day, Le TREC, pony painting and tots riding along with many more activities to suit all abilities.  

Dressage Results - May 6th  

Well done to everyone that took part in the dressage show on Saturday and congratulations to the winners.  
Class 1: Intro B (Seniors) Class 1: Intro B (Juniors) 
1st Jane Green – The Weatherman 1st Kiera Payne - FFRS Bluechip 
2nd Maria Wood - Lunesdale Major 2nd Victoria Stratford - FFRS Jonnie 
3rd Maria Keen - Fuego 3rd Emily Reeve - FFRS Toby 
4th Amy Rollings - Zebedee 4th Ellie Lock - FFRS Ronne 
5th Kathy Lee-Rimmer - Lola 5th Cassie Braithwaite - Victory Celebration 
6th Kim Coleman- Duchess 6th Grace Hill - Alfred the Great 
Class 2: Prelim 2 Class 3: Prelim 12 Class 4: Novice 34 
1st Sarah Cavill – Colour me Ruebin 1st Pernille Petersen - Charlie 1st Pernille Petersen - Charlie  
2nd Emma Chapman - Fred 2nd Emily Westwood - Parker 2nd Sue Newbury - Spider  
3rd Ellie Cox – Freddie the II 3rd Samantha Fawley - Joe 3rd Ellie Cox - Freddie the II 
4th Adele Warnes - Bushfield Lucky Boy 4th Adele Warnes - Bushfield Lucky Boy 4th Jack Tebbutt - Catch me if you can 
5th Samantha Fawley - Joe 5th Jack Tebbutt - Catch me if you can 
6th Lottie Balcombe - Coco 6th Hannah Deal - Southgate Dove 

Spring SJ Show  

Well done to everyone that took part in the SJ show on 30 th April.  

Pony Club Courses in full flow  

The Pony Club kids have all been working hard towards their badges, E and D test and their D+ and C test.  

Easter Monday Fun  

Fletchers Farm Riding School enjoyed the first Le Trec morning with four groups riding round an obstacle course involving low branches, maypoles and many other horsemanship skills. In the afternoon we had fun with our easter egg hunt for the younger ones. Lots of prizes, rosettes and easter eggs were had by all! 

Happy Easter Everyone 

Another fun week of pony days, platting sessions, lessons and hacking enjoyed by all. Well done kids!  

A fun and busy first week of the Easter holidays 

We have enjoyed a busy week in the sun with lessons, hacks, activities and clinics. The pony pamper day and the family lessons are proving very popular - get booked in for next week!  

Well done everyone at the Fletchers Farm Dressage  

A fun day of dressage was enjoyed by riding school memebers, liveries and visitors at Fletchers Farm. Well done to all the winners. Look forward to seeing you all at the next on on 6th May. 
Olivia Aulton on Ballylean Caster - Intro A 
Kitty Delicate on Oliver Twist- Prelim 1 (junior section) 
Ellie Cox on Freddie the II - Prem 1 (senior section) 
Adele Warnes on Bushfield Lucky Boy - Prelim 14 
Katie Nicol on Bandit - Novice 27 

Historic Army Riding Club is sold to secure it's future 

Tom and Emily Bradshaw have bought the Colchester Garison Saddle Club to secure its future. It will be re named Fletchers Farm Riding School and will continue to run alongside their livery yard. The manager, Helen Hill and her team of staff, horses and ponies will continue to run as usual. We are very excited about what the future will hold and look forward to developing the riding school and all its activities.