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Adults Activities 

Please note, all activities must be paid for at time of booking and are non-refundable. Bookings are taken up until 48 hours before the event/activity date. To find out dates and book click link to calendar ... 


FFRS Holiday Jump Clinics 
Keen to learn more about jumping? We are offering group sessions in the outdoor arena working on a variety of different jumping skills/levels. 
***Kristina Biggs jumping clinics available 28th August 2022 - see clinic page for more details*** 
Next date:  
Tuesday 9th August  
Tuesday 23rd August 
Loyalty Scheme Members - £32.00 
Non-members - £35.00 
Maximum of five riders in a group  
Horses for this clinic will be allocated by staff, please provide three choices. 
Prices include horse use. Please note once booked clinics are non-refundable. If there is a waiting list and we can resell your space then we will refund. 
Call the office on 01206 242210 to book or 

Tuesday group hack 

These sessions are for adults who enjoy hacking and meeting other riders socially. Riders must be established in their canter.  
Sessions can be booked individually during term times but are non-transferable once booked. 
Any riders joing this group must have had an assessment ride here prior to hacking out. All riders must wear their gloves and have their own whips.  
Next dates:  
Every Tuesday during term times 
Sessions - £34 
To book call us on 01202 242210 or 
A social session to bring riders together who enjoy hacking. 
Meets during school term time. 
Please note, once booked these are non-refundable and we can't transfer the payments to lessons or other events. Please note in the event of adverse weather conditions the session may be transferred to an arena. 

communication with horses  

These run in two different options -  
Non-ridden -  
A session based on natural horsemanship techniques for handling and working with your horse. This will be split into two sections: the first will cover reading body language/behavioural cues whilst hands on with the horses grooming/ around the stable, and the second will involve an in-hand ground working session. There will be a short coffee /discussion break in the middle. Places will be limited to six participants so please book early to avoid disappointment. 
The session is aimed at riders 14 years old and upwards. 
Next date: 
£38.00 Loyalty Scheme Members 
£42.00 Non-members 
Ridden -  
A three-hour session based on natural horsemanship techniques for handling and working with your horse. 
Will include a grooming session/reading language cues, an in-hand session and a ridden session. 
Places will be limited to six participants so please book early to avoid disappointment. 
Time: 13.30 – 16.30 
Next date:  
£43.00 Loyalty Scheme Members 
£45.00 Non-members 

obstacle course - Le Trec 

Le TREC is a great sport for horses or ponies and riders of all ability to test your horsemanship and rider skills over a course of obstacles 
Next date - 
Times from 10am: 
10.00-11.00 Trot group (Adult novice group or above) 
11.00-12.00 Canter group (Adult intermediate group or above)  
12.00-13.00 Beginners group at walk - lesson format no timed section 
Any riders booking this must have had a lesson here prior to the event. 
Le TREC obstacles such as weaving in and out of cones, posting letters in boxes, limboing under low poles, leading your horse round or through hazards and many more.  
A fun activity for all the family and any abilities. After training and practice riders will be timed around the course with rosettes to the winner. 
Loyalty Scheme members - £30.00 
Non-Members - £32.00 
FFRS Liveries - £17.00 
For the competition the following rules apply: 
The winner is the quickest time round the course - this time is inclusive of any time penalties added on. 
10 seconds will be added to your time if you do not fully complete an obstacle, e.g. miss out cone when doing a line of weaving in and out. 
10 seconds will be added if you break into a faster pace than is above the class speed set, e.g. cantering within a trot class. 
30 seconds will be added if you miss out/not attempt an obstacle at all. 
The competition round will have a time limit of: 
- 3 minutes 
If you have not completed the course within the time allocated then the last obstacle you completed will count. Your total score will comprise of the allocated time e.g. 3 minutes plus any time penalties you have gained, plus 30 seconds for each obstacle that you did not attempt. The winner will be whoever has reached the furthest in the course with least time penalties when they are added onto the time. 
Please note once booked these activities are non-refundable. 

horse Ball 

Come and try it on your own horse or one of the school horses. 
This sport is suitable for novice/nervous riders as well as being fun and different for those who are more experienced riders. 
Riders will be divided into groups of similar heights with around 6 people per group. Sessions will last for approximately 90 minutes.  
Office number 01206 242210 

family rides  

A chance to share a lesson or a hack with a sibling or perhaps a spouse who would like to give riding a try. These 45 minute slots are offered at a reduced rate of £45 for the lesson for the two riders. 
More dates coming soon  
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