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This group is for children 5 years and upwards who have never ridden before and is designed to provide good instruction in the basics. Riders will learn to halt, walk, trot, steer and carry out balancing exercises. Riders will also learn to walk and have occasional trots on grass and tracks out hacking whilst being led. Some walk work may be carried out without stirrups. 
In order to move up to the next group, riders must be able to do the following confidently: 
- Ride three ponies to the same standard in walk, rising trot and steer without a leader  
- Carry out trot to halt transitions 
Parents or guardians are required to lead the pony under guidance of the instructor until the rider is ready and confident enough to try exercises on their own. 
This children's group will work on improving the independent control of the pony in walk and trot off the lead rein. Riders will also learn to sit to the trot, recognise correct diagonals and learn to canter as well as work in trot without stirrups. Riders will learn to carry a whip whilst riding. 
In order to move up to the next group, riders must be able to do the following with confidence and balance: 
- Ride three ponies to the same standard in walk, trot and canter without a leader  
- Independently ask their pony to canter 
- Must be able to maintain sitting trot for one long side and be able to keep their pony in halt when other ponies move away  
-Trot 20m circles and trot without stirrups 
- Ride in walk over poles 
This group is for riders under the age of 16 years old and will develop their skills further. Riders will be learning to ride 10m circles, figures of 8 and 3 loop serpentine, correct canter leads and improving overall balance through all paces. There will be further development of trot work without stirrups and groups will learn to canter as a whole ride. 
Lessons will contain jumping elements - learning to ride over trot poles & learning jump position as well jumping cross pole fences. Hacks will contain the introduction of small canters.  
In order to move up to the next group, riders must be able to do the following with confidence and balance:  
- Ride three ponies to the same standard and trot a 10m circle in a corner, ride serpentine and figures of 8 with correct changes of diagonal and canter 20m cirlces 
- Hold a jump position over poles with shorter stirrups 
- Show control of the horse on hacks in walk,trot and canter 
This group is for riders who will continue the development of their riding skills further. Lessons will cover cantering a figure of 8 with transitions across the middle, cantering without stirrups, riding a turn on the forehand, direct transitions from walk to canter. Riders will learn about the scales of training. 
The jumping lessons will cover jumping a single fence of 50cm upwards and learning to jump a small 1 and 2 stride double as well as riding a correct track over a small course of fences.  
To progress from this group riders must be able to do the following with confidence and balance: 
- Identify and change diagonal and canter leads without prompting 
- Canter without stirrups 
- Ride correct lines and tracks into small fences  
- Jump up to 70cm 
- Maintain control of the horse in walk, trot and canter on hacks. 
This lesson is aimed at more experienced younger riders as well as adults, and it will develop and challenge their flat work and jumping skills. The lessons will cover leg yielding, rein back, shoulder in, lateral work and further development of riding skills following the scales of training. The jumping side covers bigger fences to include riding a small grid. 
Once you have had a few private lessons to gain the basics you can then join this group. 
This group is for riders 16 years old and upwards. The group will cover walk, halt, steering, rising and sitting trot, learning to canter whilst working on development of the correct position.  
Riders will also learn to ride over trot poles and the jump position, as well as go on walk and trot hacks once they have developed canter skills. 
To progress to the Teen/Adult Intermediate group, riders must be able to confidently and with balance show: 
- Riding three horses to the same standard in halt, walk, trot and canter all independently.  
- Change diagonals without prompting 
- Hold a basic jump position on the flat and have completed hacks in walk and trot in full control 
This is a group for more experienced riders who are 16 years or older. Riders will be learning to ride 3 loop serpentines, cantering 20m circles, working without stirrups in trot and canter, improving their sitting trot, learning to ride a turn on the forehand, as well as direct transitions. Riders will gain more balance within their work and follow the scales of training. 
The jumping lessons will cover riding a small fences up to 75cm and learning to jump 1 and 2 stride doubles. Riders will be hacking in walk, trot and canter.  
To progress from this group riders must be able to do the following with confidence and balance: 
- Identify and change diagonal and canter leads without prompting 
- Canter without stirrups 
- Ride correct lines and tracks into small fences 
- Jump up to 75cm 
- Maintain control of the horse in walk, trot and canter on hacks. 
Emily is an experienced BHS AI who has taught at all levels to both individuals and the Pony Club. She has successfully produced many horses to British Eventing Intermediate level gaining results in the UK and abroad. Emily is offering private sessions to school clients in our 40x60 outdoor arena. These sessions are an ideal opportunity for those riders looking to work up to the next level in flat or jumping/preparing for exams/pony club tests.  
3/4hr private - (Flat or Jumping held in our 40x60 outdoor arena) - £59 
Please get in touch to discuss your requirements. 
Tots Sessions 
This group is for children aged four years and upwards. A fun lead rein ride of approximately 15 minutes around the farm. A parent/guardian is required to lead the pony. A great introduction to ponies/horse riding. Rides maybe transferred to an arena depending on ground conditions. **Please note riders and leaders must bring their own gloves** 
The cost includes the use of our hats and boots which must be prebooked for the session. Suitable also for older children who would like to try a ride but without the formal setting of a lesson. 
Adult Taster Ride 
This is a 20 minute led walk ride in an arena with a member of staff leading your horse. Ideal way to try horse riding before booking formal lessons or as a present for someone. These are informal fun sessions to come and have a go and include hat and boot use. 
T & C 
Normal lesson cancellation policy applies. Adults must be under 12 stone and able to mount using a block. Will generally be held outside in all weathers, please dress in weather appropriate clothing. 
We sometimes have horses available on a part loan basis. This is normally for two sessions a week and has minimal stable work and up to an hours riding each time. You can also hire your loan horse for clinics and shows held on site. Normally we would expect our riders to be in the Intermediate or above groups to be considered for a loan on site. Please contact the manager for further details of any horse availabe on part loan basis at manager@fletchersfarm.co.uk . Please note as a general rule of thumb we do not loan out our 11.2-13.3hh ponies. 
What Is It? 
This special club has been set up for our more enthusiastic young people to ensure: 
Continuity of progress. 
Achievement milestones via officially recognised awards. 
Thorough knowledge in all horsemanship skills. 
Team spirit. 
Development of life skills. 
Parental involvement and information. 
Aged 13 years and over 
Who Can Join? 
Anyone between the ages of thirteen and eighteen years old. Ideally they will ride with us and hold a Fletchers Farm Riding School loyalty card but we would look at each young person individually.  
All potential applicants will have to attend a work experience day with us first to assess suitability (e.g. enthusiasm and maturity) to join this scheme. 
It is essential all young people participating in our Stable Club are very keen to progress their horsemanship skills, otherwise the essential team spirit, peer support and life skills we are aiming to achieve will be lost.  
If any young person is obviously losing interest or becomes unreliable, then our Stable Club will no longer be suitable for them to participate in. 
What Does It Cost? 
A one-off joining fee of £25.00 which covers costs of working towards and achieving the ABRS Equestrian Care Award (Entry Level). Further levels can be achieved and will cost £20.00 which will be due at the time that the log book is completed (this is subject to possible change). Participants can also choose to do the BHS Riding School Assistant Certificate.  
What Happens? 
The idea behind this Club is to provide training and experience to target specific examinations, such as the Equestrian Care Awards, but will also provide experience towards Pony Club Tests and The British Horse Stage examinations should the riders be looking to achieve these in the future. 
Our young people will work with and be guided by a member of staff and will be encouraged to develop their skills further by reading, watching or joining other events or training as they arise at the club or through other events in the local area. 
To participate in our Stable Club and ensure continuation of learning and skills, it will be necessary for our young people to carry out Work Experience (WE) days. 
To ensure an all-round education, members of the Stable Club will be able to use their Work Experience days (either gained at weekends or in the holidays) and collect them towards group riding lessons (a one-hour group lesson for every four days collected). 
Our young people will be given training log books, which they are responsible for keeping safe and storing correctly in our office at the end of the day. 
Subject To Revision 
We reserve the right to alter the operation of this Club towards improving the services offered. In this instance our Stable Club Members and their parents will be advised of any change. 
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